What is a Post Conviction Relief of criminal convictions?

This refers to a legal process by which a person’s criminal record is altered in a favorable manner. The type of relief that is appropriate to a given criminal case will vary, depending upon many factors. Post Conviction Relief of a criminal case has many benefits, chiefly the ability to deny a conviction when asked by a potential employer.

The first step is to decide which type of relief is appropriate. You may be eligible for an expungement, withdrawal of your guilty plea, certificate of rehabilitation or a pardon.

It is critical that you contact a criminal defense attorney who knows how to navigate the process. The type of relief that will apply in your case will depend upon whether you were a juvenile or an adult at the time of the conviction; whether the conviction was for a misdemeanor or a felony; and whether you were placed on probation or went to state prison as part of your punishment.

Post Conviction Relief, when properly done, can remove hurdles to gainfulemployment, professional licenses, and bring closure.

Therefore, if you are ready to move forward it important to get the right information.  Ms. Stewart is an experienced criminal defense attorney who understands the different types of relief available, and how to obtain them.

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