At the Law Offices of Nikki Jeannine Stewart, Esq. we are experienced in handling all criminal cases including three strikes cases. If you have been charged with a strike offense, especially a third strike offense, you should not hesitate in contacting our office.

What is a “strike offense”?

A strike offense is any serious or violent felony as defined by the California Penal Code. Sometimes, these can include offenses where the suspect or defendant never even came in contact with an alleged “victim.”

An example of this is residential burglary. Residential burglary is considered a strike offense even if there is no contact with the residents of the home and no violence involved.

You may be charged with a crime and be completely unaware that it is actually a strike offense. You need to hire a lawyer that knows what offenses constitute strikes and what types of sentences they carry. We may even be able to achieve a deal for you that doesn’t include a 3 strike offense.

What to know if you are facing a “strike offense”…

  • There are many intricate laws that relate to strike offenses
  • If you have been previously convicted of a “3 strikes” offense sentencing becomes more of a concern.
  • If you have a prior strike offense it can double your potential sentence.
  • You may serve up to 85% of your time in prison if convicted of a strike offense as opposed to the usual 50%.
  • If you are charged with, and convicted of, three or more strike offenses, you can be sentenced to 25 years to life in prison.

The Law Offices of Nikki Jeannine Stewart is experienced in all levels of cases related to “strike” cases.  At your CONSULTATION we will review all evidence against you .

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